Thrifty Foods

The story

KRS has designed and built Thrifty stores for over 20 years. With local flavor a priority, stores are uniquely designed to their community. Located in the Tuscany Village mixed-use development complex, Thrifty Victoria resembles an Italian piazza. A sky-like ceiling and large landscape murals throughout the space enhance ambiance by adding depth. Faux cork and marble flooring define departments and encourage exploration. Our client was so taken with this concept they decided all interior department signs would be in Italian, emphasizing shoppers’ feeling of being immersed in a Tuscany market. Thrifty Victoria and Port Moody pictured.

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KRS designs retail spaces for some of the most successful brands in the world. We're creative. We have fun. We're always looking for fresh perspectives. Everything inspires.

We take a holistic approach to each project, building on our clients' strengths and creating new growth opportunities. KRS-designed environments connect with the customer, make a lasting impression, boost brand image, and drive sales. We're award-winning designers. We're a leading brand consultancy. We maximize the customer experience to increase your sales.

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