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Leading convenience retailer PC&F brought in KRS to redesign its Denver International Airport location with a show stopping experience unlike any other. Unconventional and jaw-dropping with a local feel and high tech touches, this My Goods store is at once elaborate, over-the-top, and incredibly convenient. 

This store is open 24/7/365, presenting a challenge when it came to execution of the design without interrupting store operations. We overcame this challenge by focusing on sections of the store, quickly and efficiently making our way through the renovation a piece at a time.

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A Living Chandelier

KRS envisioned, detailed, and ultimately custom-built an elaborate center fixture chandelier to create mass impact in the dry product display space while showcasing a digital screen highlighting local Denver outdoor mountain conditions. Our unique lighting design concept employs a plethora of LED lights, effectively a show-stopping LED chandelier, computer controlled to allow for color/pulse lighting changes.


Chain Store Age Store "Best Convenience Store"

EuroShop RetailDesign Awards "Finalist"

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