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At Butter LONDON it’s all about making the priorities in life, namely non-toxic nail lacquer, fashion, and rock and roll, accessible to all, not just those with a backstage pass to Fashion Week. This cutting edge cosmetics company set out to create a high-end, Euro chic, kiosk for mall locations. Beginning with a concept of modern luxury, KRS created a silky exterior and clean silver interior, adding to the contemporary feel when combined with a dark walnut wood and backlit top fixture. The end result is a functional, securable, and luxurious spa fixture.

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KRS designs retail spaces for some of the most successful brands in the world. We're creative. We have fun. We're always looking for fresh perspectives. Everything inspires.

We take a holistic approach to each project, building on our clients' strengths and creating new growth opportunities. KRS-designed environments connect with the customer, make a lasting impression, boost brand image, and drive sales. We're award-winning designers. We're a leading brand consultancy. We maximize the customer experience to increase your sales.

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