Video Tour - 2013 Retail Design Award Winners

At the time this video was made, King Retail Solutions ("KRS") had been honored with 5 industry design awards for its work in grocery, convenience store, quick service restaurant, and international store design in 2013. We're thrilled to share that we've since been honored with 2 additional awards for Fresh St. Market: Retail Design Institute Best Supermarket 2013 and the Silver A'Design Award in its International Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category.

The following is a portfolio tour of KRS' award-winning stores.

[transcript of video follows]

King Retail Solutions provides award-winning store design, manufacturing, distribution, and install services to local, national, and global clients. With early roots as a production shop, we design and build retail environments with every aspect in mind. What do you want the shopper to feel? Where do you want them to move? How much will this cost to install and maintain? How will it wear? When you approach a design challenge holistically rather than piecemeal... the end result just plain works better.

Best "Sky's the Limit" Remodel, Fresh St. Market, Progressive Grocer 2013

EuroShop DesignAward Finalist, PC&F My Goods, EuroShop 2014

Best Hybrid Concept, University of Oregon Fresh Marketcafe, Progressive Grocer 2013

Convenience Store of the Year, Pacific Roads, Association for Retail Environments

Best International Store, La Cadena, Progressive Grocer 2013

KRS designs retail spaces for some of the most successful brands in the world. We're creative. We have fun. We're always looking for fresh perspectives. Everything inspires.

We take a holistic approach to each project, building on our clients' strengths and creating new growth opportunities. KRS-designed environments connect with the customer, make a lasting impression, boost brand image, and drive sales. We're award-winning designers. We're a leading brand consultancy. We maximize the customer experience to increase your sales.

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