SoLoMo Webinar - Marketing 2.0 for Retailers

2 - UnnamedOn Tuesday, February 5, 2013 King Retail Solutions' EVP, Andrew Swedenborg, was one of four speakers taking part in an online retail industry event.

WEBINAR: Marketing 2.0 for Retailers: Social, Local, Mobile in 2013 was hosted by POS/retail management system provider One Step Retail Solutions. In this action packed webinar, retailers learned key steps to improve their presence and sales through social, local, and mobile strategies to produce increased sales in 2013. As well as how to maneuver rapidly evolving shopping trends, establish a SoLoMo game plan, and utilize existing resources to start your year off right.

Andrew's part of the conversation, understandably, revolved around how to make the best use out of your retail environment. Attendees learned steps every retailer could take to maximize their real estate space, with a focus on creating a memorable experience, growing the store's customer base, and increasing sales.

The other speakers were Christian Kratsas of SnapRetail on converting online traffic to in-store shoppers; Brian Downard of Pocket Your Shop on leveraging mobile applications; and retail consultant, David Downard on management and goal setting for 2013.

This was a lunchtime event so each topic was short and to the point. Expect actionable takeaway items that can be implemented immediately to improve your store's efficiency and bottom line.

"If you don't know where you are going, you will end up somewhere else." -Laurence J. Peter

You can now listen to this free educational webinar by clicking here.


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