Retail Leader - Channel-Blurring, Price-Matching

KRS' Andrew Swedenborg spoke with Retail Leader for this story on channel-blurring, price-matching, and other converging trends that make the retail world a little smaller. Click the link above to view the article in its entirety, here are a few snippets from the Swede:

"As the information age has gone global, consumers increasingly are demanding to know what they are consuming and where it came from... That's causing a trend toward localization and well-curated merchandising... People are so empowered by information on what they want and what they seek out that it has caused retailers to change their merchandising strategies."

Click here to view the story in Retail Leader and here to read You Got Chocolate In My Peanut Butter: The Viability of Blurring Retail Categories, KRS' recent white paper on the topic of blurring retail categories.


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