Décor Reseller - How POP Displays Contribute to a Store's Success

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KRS' Design Director, Todd Cole, spoke with Decorative Concrete Retailer for this 2-page feature interview "How Point-of-Purchase Displays Contribute to a Store's Success." The story discusses best practices in POP/POS displays as well as the psychology behind why these displays are so effective at generating sales lift.

"People are trained to seek out the anomaly. If your display is front and center and catches their interest, one assumption they’ll make is that your product is legitimate, that the retailer is vouching for it...

You’re removing the possibility that you’ll just be a price tag among price tags for the same essential product. You’re forcing other factors into the mix.You’re making quality a consideration and you’re telling the shopper what quality factors they should be thinking about which, of course, are the quality factors your product possesses."

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