CEO Blog Nation - Should You be a Business Rebel?

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CEO Blog Nation's HearPreneur feature asked, "Smart or Not - Should You be a Business Rebel?"

KRS' Andrew Swedenborg's response: Be a smart rebel

"I'd say it's smart to be a smart rebel in business and it's dumb to just rebel for the sake of being different. If all of your competitors are doing the same thing in the same way and they're all succeeding, then they're probably doing a lot of things right. Thumbing your nose at that just to be different is probably not going to get you far, beyond maybe making a splash and causing some buzz while your business tanks and your competition thrives. No one wants that. A smart rebel takes a minute to look at what everyone else is doing right, appreciates it, and then figures out if there's a way to do that same right thing, only better."

Go BrAndrew! Get your punk on! You can see the original story in CEO Blog Nation here. Image via.


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