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What Are Your C-Store Consistency Challenges? We Want To Know.

What Are Your C-Store Consistency Challenges?

If you saw The Founder, starring Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, you likely identified with a scene where — not long after opening the first few out-of-state McDonald’s franchises — Kroc visits a location where standards aren’t being met.


The property is covered with litter. The franchisees have abandoned the official menu. The place has become a hangout for teens, who have driven away families.


Ray Kroc knew that consistency was the cornerstone of building a more profitable brand and winning market share from Mom and Pop stores with less sophisticated operations.


The consistency challenge falls into two main categories:


Consistency of store brand and design: From road-facing signage to the interior, creating an inviting brand and making sure it gets realized consistently in all locations. This assures the customer they’ll have the same great experience that they had at another location 50 miles away.


Consistency of operations: Making sure staff can support your brand experience, sales strategy and maintain standards.


We talk to a lot of C-store operators. They often tell us that making sure key elements — such as signage that supports a seasonal promotion — get put up properly, and comes down on time is important. Property maintenance is another key concern affecting modern C-stores.


The more locations you have, the harder it is to police. Multiple-location C-store owners and operators have better things to do than constantly call managers on the phone or drive around nitpicking.


What are your consistency challenges?

We have our thoughts on how to answer some of these challenges, but we really want to hear from you: What are your chief consistency challenges? Get in touch.

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