Texas Tradition Meets Whole Foods Attitude in Dallas

While doing some holiday shopping, my mom and I decided to get dinner at Whole Foods knowing they’d have plenty of options for a big family breakfast the next morning, and good stuff to bring to our potluck as well. We were in North Dallas at the time and found this location off Preston Road.

Immediately we entered a colorful and fanciful shopping environment with natural lighting and great flow through the space. Signage was really clearly done, and pretty entertaining as well. Lots of wood, used in chevron patterns were reminiscent of wool blanket weaving. And tone-on-tone imagery provided really clear wayfinding.

The fonts used in the space were funky, fun, and a nice blend of Texas tradition with Whole Foods attitude. The way some signage was held also provided a light-hearted aesthetic; barn-door style hardware was affixed to the wall and the rolling wheels painted to match the department colors. Again... simple Texas style blends with fun Whole Foods chic!

Their local beer selection (my goal for the visit) was phenomenal. Texas micro-breweries have exploded in Dallas with the change of a few laws that allow them to flourish. On this trip we ended up getting a beer from Urban Brewery called the Mosaic IPA… it was quite lovely!

Whole Foods also stated their values in the café- they always like to showcase the values and mission which has driven their business practices. Here, it is done simply and beautifully using the same aesthetic as the rest of the store. The café even had thoughtful chairs for the little ones - modeled after the same industrial-style chairs for adults. Too cute.

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