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CNC Beam Saw Operator

The CNC Beam Saw Operator is responsible for the set-up and operation of the CNC machine. A CNC operator must consistently keep an eye out for quality and meet all time expectations. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Works close with Production Lead to insure that production fulfilled by traveler dates; provide data proactively if production delays may occur to supervisor. 
  • Load or unload materials from machine. 
  • Inspect machinery or equipment to determine adjustments to machine. 
  • Read and interpret shop drawing and be able to work from cut list. 
  • Verifies accuracy of machined work pieces against blueprints or drawings.
  • Maintain consistent production quality. 
  • Understand technical operation of a beam saw.
  • Read work order, instructions, or processing chart. 
  • Provide factual and timely information on all aspects and status of assigned jobs.
  • Operates a safe work environment and keeps area neat and orderly, with materials and tools organized for efficient space utilization. 
  • Input necessary data for operation and material optimunize.
  • Counts, sorts, and stacks finished work pieces and disposes of waste materials. 
  • Perform other related duties and special projects as assigned. 

Education and Experience: 

  • High School Diploma or equivalent; prior technical skills in related field; two to three years experience as the individual responsible for directing activities in production process.


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