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Bench Carpenter/Cabinet Maker

Responsible for the set-up and operation of wood working machinery and tools to assemble a variety of products within specified timelines and per company standards.

Essential Duties and Responsiblities:

  • Machine and assemble wood components.
  • Read and interpret shop drawings and be able to work from cut list.
  • Ability to operate table saw, band saw, jointer, chop saw and planer.
  • Ability to operate hand tools such as pneumatic nail guns, jig saw and belt sander.
  • Proficient at using a tape measure.
  • Detail oriented, ability to stand, stoop, bend and reach for entire shift.
  • Maneuver and lift up to 60 LB repeatedly.
  • Work closely with project lead to acheive production goals and develop strategies to remain within the materials and labor cost quoted for the job.
  • Operates a safe work enivornment and keeps area neat and orderly, with materials and tools organized for efficient space utilization. 

Education and Experience:

High school dipolma or equivalent: two or more years of work related experience in a woodworking or cabinet shop.


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